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Online sport betting in Korea

“Where to bet in Republic of Korea 2017?” is always a question for when the country set the law to prohibited gambling.
There a good news since Korea Law doesn’t cover online gambling same to online betting.

Asian Bookies and European Bookies

Why border to look for betting online? One of the big reason is foreign bookies provides very better odds than odds of Sport Toto and Sports Proto.

Top best two bookies for Korean

No Sport Betting Currency Bonus Languge Website
1 dafabet logo KRW, EUR $ 100 Korean, English
2 bet365 logo EUR $ 200 English

Check out more about Asian bookies here.
There are plenty gambling websites. Some have licence some don’t. Choosing the right bookies is not difficult. The first thing you must look is if the websites has any licence legally. Second is does the website support your language and currency. The third is if there any extra benefits using that website. The last things are the odds value and formats, the market coverage, system of payment .etc.
For instant, let’s us discuss about the two websites above. is an Asian Bookies that has licence in Philippines. They have been operated in gambling sector more than 10 years in Asia. They supports Korean Language and Korean won while Bet365 support English and USD, EUR. Bet365 is the well known online betting site in United Kingdom. They have licence and stock market in England. They provides free lives streaming event to their member while Dafabet don’t. Maximum bonus register of Bet365 is $ 200 when Dafabet is $ 100.
As you see, if you’re English speaker, why not try to get extra bonus and live streaming. If you would like to play in Korean language, stick to But the best choose you can register both websites so that you can compare all odds and get more option to play all game you like. The deposit withdraw method (bet in Korean won or EUR)is not the issue. We talk in the next section.

Using Moneybookers Skrill for South Korea players

E-Wallet is the payment method that almost all of the popular bookmakers such as Bet365 uses. One of the best for South Korea is​ while is also acceptable.
How skrill works: after you transfer money to Skrill account from your Korean Bank. Once your Skrill account has money you can deposit to any gambling sites and bet all you want. You will get a Skrill Master Card that you can use with any ATM machine with Mastar Card logo and online stores.
To get easy deposit withdraw money, make sure your account currency is EUR in both skrill account and betting account. If your betting account is Won you need to change to EUR first by live chat before you first deposit. The first advantage is you can claim all the good bonus. Second advantage is you don’t have to lose the currency exchange rate.

How to open an account with e-wallet

Choosing Euro currency: Euro and United States dollar (USD) are always in the option for all bookies while Korean Won is very few. You’d better choose European Union Euro (EUR) as your account currency because many Korean banks will not send USD to skrill.
Verification your account: you need to follow all steps of verification includes verify your home address. They will send a letter to your home that has a code that you must enter to the account. You may need to send Skrill the scans of your ID card.
Don’t mention gambling when you send money from your Korean bank to your Skrill account. Other wise the bank doesn’t process for you.

Is gambling legal in Korea?

Sadly gambling is not legal in Korea according to the Chapter 23 of the Criminal Act, Article 246 for a person who gambles or bets can be fined up to five million won or more. The Article 247 for person opens gambling place can be fined twenty million won or jailed three years.
However, there are certain gambling activities that can operate in Korea under the restricted circumstances.
For Example:
In South Korea, Casino is separated in two: for Foreigner and for Korean citizens. There are casino that can be founded in the city such as Seul, Incheon and Jaeju Island welcomes only Foreigner. The only casino that Korean citizens can play in in Gangwon province that located in a very remote countryside.
Even though the law doesn’t specifically against online gambling, Korea government established Online Criminal Activity Investigation team to control the online gambling. The country started to blocked websites gambling. If you cannot access any websites we mention here, you may need to by VPN to get access ISP blocks that redirect gambling sites to​ You need VPN to hide your IP address so that you can bet all you want with your personal computer at home.